Vladimir Shaikin

Hi…I am 21 years old. My name is Vladimir. Since seven years I was trained at music school. When I was 15, I have arrived in musical college which has ended in 2010. At present I study in the Rostov academy of music of a name of S.Rahmaninov at the composition faculty.I took part in competitions of symphonic music in Germany andFrance.But…Unfortunately there is vanguard music thery popular among yuong composers.Now I prefer a soundtrack genre in the creativity.And now about my compositions: Quality of record leaves much to be desired as I do not have necessary equipment. Also I do not have possibility of work with ensemble. And I do not have a record-studio. Quality of my songs and music is not ideal… But I try as I can. I love normal beautiful music which does not hurt my ears...And classic music of course.Whatewer...But now this kind of music is dying out.This worm is sitting in people's souls.Devouring them from the inside.

Evolution! Development! Innovations! - They say...Silence would be my answer...Pardon of my English .

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The Path(Update)

Article 19.03.2013

 Завершена оркестровая интерпретация композиции "The Path" о которой я писал ранее. Скоро выложу ноты.


Article 15.03.2013

Во всю идет процесс написания оркестровой композиции под названием Escape.Предательство,измена, пребывание в заперти, амнезия ... Все это обрушилось на главного героя буквально за один день.Он очнулся в темнице и ничего не помнит.Но отчетливо ...

Новые партитуры

Article 13.03.2013

Как и сообщал ранее выкладываю еще пять партитур.